Cartas de Anouk a Poliestra

Missed Poliestra,
The other day I met somebody and we got along right away. Being conscious about our affinity comfortably based on irony, we ended up talking about humor in general. He remembered he had written an essay about humor for a course. I told him about my recent acquisitions in an old books fair. After dozens of jokes, he recommended me to read Woody Allen’s "Without Feathers". I have read it now and that’s why I know the title comes after a Dickinson’s poem: "Hope is that thing without feathers".- Anouk -

It is great when you know somebody and you discover an affinity. No matter what it is, in that moment an utterly huge certainty invades you reaffirming that you belong to something and you can’t do nothing more than feel a sudden and infinite love for humanity. Dickinson couldn’t be more propitious with the verse. I don’t’ remember if I told you that I was passing through a period of transition. I found this, which I think sums it up good: "I feel universally sad. I think that it must be due to my impossibility to believe. I feel alone because I do not know nobody that feels things like I do. What a problem to experiment such pleasure in finding somebody who feels like you whether it’s the what or the how."
- Poliestra -

A peculiar phenomenon,
It is monday and I am writing an article for which I must cover ten thousand bytes. I have only reached to cover three thousand and I imagine it’s because of my words having few letters. If it’s about that, about putting more unities, then I should use words as refrigerator, Constantinople or any noun that ends with ment or ly. Let’s say “deliberately” (twelve bytes), disillusionment” (fifteen bytes, not bad) or maybe some shorter as: “dissapointment”. Maybe I even should think about what ideas carry more bytes. They say that genial ideas are the simplest. Consequently, all my ideas must be extremely absurd and shouldn’t have any geniality aspect not even potentially.
-periodically Poliestra-

Exactly both,
I have always been in love with adverbs. For instance, I love to Fly! I hope you have covered all the bytes you wanted. Yesterday I had an unpleasant dream. I had to go through an alley where four animals were expecting me–they all could speak: a couple of old cats, that looked like the Chesire’s cat grandparents (because of the grin), with very long claws and sarcastic remarks; a wild horse of a dog’s height, that remained at ease and very quite when my brother (didn’t I mentioned him?) told them “sit”!, and finally a regular-height horse that wore a t-shirt with a colored drawing (actually it was more like a dada’s collage with the word Schiaparella on the top of it. The horse let me pass because he discovered I liked the same authors he did. When I finally passed through, I found I was over a garbage mountain and I start throwing things (mostly rocks) when I got fed up I flew (very very low) towards the cliff till I woke up.
-A. Nook-

All about a nouk,
Once I dreamt I was a baby, a five years old girl, and the person protecting them –all them at the same time and in the same scene. When I got shot, the baby me, got scared because of the noise, the little girl me, got shocked and frightened, and the adult me got.. dead of course (but first: bleed, pain, scare to die). Then I died. I remember it was emotionally exhausting. PS: About the Animal's Farm episode. Have you heard of the goleon, which is a half lion-half goat creature with a swan’s head?
-Poliestra in simultaneous-

I’ve never had a dream in parallel, at least not one I remembered. The goleon must be related to the cameleon.-AN.UK-

Lying eight,
I had the urge of telling you I’ve fallen in love with my career. You don’t have the idea of how every subject we aboard excites me. I’m in a continuous state of mental stimulation ..It's too much. I’ve never thought I could feel so mentally and emotionally fulfilled, it’s amazing... and as you may understand I feel very happy. To believe in and enjoy of something with such intensity feels great.

Perennial Palindromatic Punk,
It’s great that you are happy.
¿Have you had any other poliontological dream?-
....k -

Reading "palindromatic" in an entry addressed to me, made me feel the owner of a rare incurable disease and ergo special. My others me are fine too. They just want to meet people they can talk to. Just that. I would feel infinitely lucky if I get to know one. Since that is highly possible, I already feel luckily infinite. I could do another affirmation about my happiness, but I think I've already covered all aspects.
A celestial body comes toward me at this moment. I pretend to ignore it and go to bed trusting that Newton was right and that eventually a gravitational force (preferentially elliptic if I decide to listen to Kepler too) will keep it far away from me at least for a while. A big while.
I loved that Heidegger’s book (Did you perceive the nietszchean stalking air?) I want to read more!-Poliextra-

Today I was reading the letter C (yes, in a dictionary) when I thought of making an autobiography. Then I thought of making you one instead. But at the end I ended up inventing one (though who knows, maybe it fits.. we’re not dead yet). "Created in complicity January 26, 1983, is cherishedly cautive 9 months by Mrs. C*. conuptial citizen and conjugal of Mr. C*, cluster chef" ..-Hann uK-