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We were going to reunite in order to celebrate how time passes and how each one of us eventually will die. That’s right we were going to have Sergio’s birthday. What happened? I hadn’t drawn for a long time, almost a year. One day of the last december it came back and I was drawing again. I usually draw when I feel like this. I usually draw to express myself. I usually draw. Nevertheless this time I was in the mood for word thinking. I had been listening to Iron and Wine all day. I had read a bit of Flusser and that was it. So i sit and it started.


¿Cuál es el sentido del espacio? I can explain the meaning of life. There is none but the one that I choose to believe. But if there's no meaning for us to exist and we are a mere accident that can't be satisfactorily explained, then if we disappear it would be ok. but then, what's the purpose of animals and plants. Suppose that we all disappear and with us those which we have gave a functional existence around us -yes, by this i mean animals and plants. Some matter will exist yet.What's the meaning of this? ¿Cuál es el sentido de la existencia de los animales? We act as their unique purpose of existence is to satisfy us. We use them to satisfy our hunger, our cold, but what about them? Don't they have a meaningful existence by their own? and if like us, they don't, what gives us the right over their unmeaningful existence? Furthermore, that should if anything bound us. But then again we could play another mental exercise and eliminate all matter in the universe that we know. There. We only have now space and time. Without matter (plants, human beings, animals, inanimated matter), would space and time exist? What's the meaning of space and time? Why is there the need of space? Though the logical of 'a need' is basic, there is no need for it. it could be only that it just exists. Why do we assume that our life has a purpose, a meaning? Just because we appear here? well then maybe rocks and animal's existence has a meaning too, a purpose, and maybe it goes beyond serving us. I miss a place where we are less self centered, less idiotic, less. I don't comprehend the search for power, the search for money. I know and understand how all this happened, how we as a civilization occurred in every little step: religions, politics. We are here. But that doesn’t help me to comprehend. We are biological beings that need to eat.. Why do we need to eat? To avoid dying until we finally die. If there is no meaning in our existence then why it had to be in this way? why we had to have a dependent relationship with soil and its products? The space time that contains this matter, Where does time goes? the past? do we loose it forever?

Who is we in this question? humanity?
Does such a thing as past exist?
or does it exist because of human beings?
Does time needs humanity to exist?
Do we need time to exist?

We are time and space since we are alive beings, because to be born means to appear at certain time and in certain space. we can't be born in many different places at the same time --or can we? Alive beings by definition are going towards death.

Unporpoiseful porpoises: they do not swim with real porpoises, but laid down in the bottom of the ocean. the absence of light has made them transparent. the presence of depth has softed their skin. It has also created the word “softed“.

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Padls dijo...

It reminds me some mails
I've never found the meaning of life. So I've decided to create my own, based on a biological-type : eat, drink, looking for the most beautiful women in the world and save the world by making them laugh and doubt about what the meaning of life is. Mmm... I feel that the stream of life is leading me toward the kitchen. I feel exalted =|

ultraist transmogrifier dijo...

i feel like smiling. :)

PsyReality dijo...

Cioran site


Anónimo dijo...

Excellent, love it! »