On Why Kinicals, Existentialists, Nihilists, and Cynics Feel The Way They Do When They Do

Nothing is unexplainable. The explanation may be wrong but that's another thing

Behind every realist/idealist, lies a romantic that believes so firmly in their ideals* that whenever they are crushed (and they knew they were going to anyway) something decompresses inside of them. Two opposite poles.. and that is probably the worst analogy to use but one can picture it like this: a system where two engines are moving in opposite directions at a random regular rhythm. Whenever there is an acceleration in one of them they will feel either optimistic or full of disbelief.

But when both poles accelerate at the same time, there is an inevitable convulsion and they crash and everything collapses. the whole system stops and they feel neither optimistic or pessimistic. They just feel nothing at all. Absolute void. They experience (as a simile to what happens in the universe), the expansion of time and space, inside of them. And of course, in their most inner core there is nothing but a black hole.

* The idea of the Electric Monk is described by Douglas Adams in his book Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. The Electric Monk was a labour-saving device that believed in things for you, thus saving you of what was becoming an increasingly onerous task, that of believing all the things the world expected you to believe.' —xxix.vii.mmvi

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Robert dijo...

Would he think that this blogger leiu is a self-animated space?

Hey - you don't have to fear. Unless you want to, remember?

If you see any combi flaca callers remember to punch them for me.

Anónimo dijo...

sometimes i sit on firescapes.

José Augusto dijo...

But, those freaking synapses.
I just think I'm losing my skills to get a hold of myself.
Ist, ist... a whateverist.

El NeuroTransmisor dijo...

una de las cosas más sabias que he leído de lo que escribes y ¿qué haces cuando te dan ganas de tirarte en agujeros negros? ¿O es que nunca te da curiosidad saber lo que hay ahí adentro de toda esa enorme y sublime y magnífica oscuridad?

Oedri L. Unrado dijo...


Los agujeros negros no son en realidad agujeros. Por eso no hay nada adentro. Si te acercaras lo sufiente a uno, no vivirias lo sufiente para contarlo: te desintegrarias sin que te de tiempo para que te des cuenta de ya no existes.

peces y minotauros dijo...

Pedro L. Untado!

Qué te pasó?

mentolada dijo...

de ja vu
deja vu
de javu

Padls dijo...

I thought it was like that : the more your optimistic, the more your exposed to desbelief. When you decide to stop suffering, you slowly starts to stop being optimistic. Or you need too. So the movements of the optimism engine would depend on the disbelief one. There's no disbelief without a pinch core of optimism; and conversely. So if you want to get rid of one of them, you must get rid of all of them.

//////// dijo...

sounds good. but then what do you have left?

Jonath dijo...

Dirk Gently is quite an awesome book. I'm reading it now.

Claudia dijo...

jonath, is this sophisticated spam?